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Smoked Trout Pâte 142 g Tub


Smoked Trout Pâte 142 g Tub


Enjoy this smooth pate made with our tender and succulent smoked trout. Wonderful served on a bagel or toast, as a compliment to cheese and crackers, or as a dip for raw vegetables. You supply the sunset.


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Milford Bay Trout Farm & Milford Bay SmokeHaus

We've captured the flavour of cottage country!

Milford Bay Trout Farm

1224 Hewlitt Rd, Bracebridge, ON
P1L 1X4, Canada

10:00am - 4:00pm Thursday to Saturday

North Muskoka - Seguin - Parry Sound

97 Airport Rd, Seguin, ON
P2A 2W8 (Near Parry Sound)

10:00am - 4:00pm Tuesday to Saturday

(705) 764-1797