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Price List

Price list

Hot-Smoked trout fillet, deboned with skin on
range 8-14 oz., 225-400g
Smoked trout pâte
5 oz. Tub, 142g
$6.50 each
Smoked trout pâte
10 oz. Tub, 284g
$13.00 each
Fresh trout filets, de-boned, average 8-12 oz., 225-375g  Fresh trout filets, FROZEN VAC-PACKED, de-boned, average 8-12 oz., 225-375g

Cedar-planked barbecue-ready trout filet (order in advance)

Frozen Pickerel filets (seasonal), with and without skin, de-boned, average 8oz., 225g




Cold-Smoked Gravlox (Trout and sliced Salmon), seasonal,
average 8-12 oz. (225-375g)
NEW smoked trout chowder, 1 litre frozen tub $13 each

We also carry a nice variety of complimentary local goods including Stephens Butcher Shoppe meats, Belly ice cream, Maple Dale cheeses, Yummies’ sauces, Crofters’ jams and Muskoka Roastery coffee.

Shipping by courier (charges vary by location and size of box).

Shipping available in Ontario only, subject to supply in peak season.

Call 705-764-1797 or email [email protected]