Price list

Hot-Smoked trout fillet, deboned with skin on
range 8-14 oz., 225-400g
Smoked trout pâte
5 oz. Tub, 142g
$6.50 each
Smoked trout pâte
10 oz. Tub, 284g
$13.00 each
Fresh trout filets, de-boned, average 8-12 oz., 225-375g 

Cedar-planked barbecue-ready trout filet (order in advance)

Frozen Pickerel filets (seasonal), de-boned, average 8oz., 225g




Cold-Smoked Gravlox (Trout), seasonal,
average 8-12 oz. (225-375g)
NEW smoked trout chowder, 1 litre frozen tub $13 each

Shipping by courier (charges vary by location and size of box).

Available in Ontario only, subject to supply in peak season.

Call 705-764-1797 or email