Public Fishing & Retail Store

PLEASE NOTE:  We’ve had an unexpected delay in opening our public fishing pond…we will not be open for the May long weekend.   Date of opening will be posted once determined.  

2Because we want to keep our fish healthy, we have a keep what you catch rule, so there’s no throwing fish back. There’s bait available, but please bring enough rods for your whole group. Depending on the time of year, fish can weigh anything from ¾ of a pound to 4 lbs each. Once you’ve finished up at the pond, bring your catch to us, and we’ll weigh it in. We sell fresh-caught fish at 6.75/lb.

Retail store:

trout-and-rodOur signature smoked trout and paté are always available, but order in advance for fresh whole fish or fillets. You can check out our pricing list here!

Our retail store and public fishing have the same hours: 9-5, Monday to Saturday. We’re closed every Sunday except the August Long Weekend, when we close on Monday instead.  We are also closed on Victoria Day and Labour Day.   Depending on the weather, we’re open from around May 1st to Thanksgiving Saturday, so if you’re thinking of coming early or late in the season, call first to confirm! After Thanksgiving and until early May, our store is open by chance or appointment. If you have any questions, call us at 705-764-1797!